Celsion Corporation
May 28, 2004

Celsion Demands Immediate End To Unauthorized Trading On Berlin-Bremen Stock Exchange

Columbia, MD - May 28, 2004: CELSION CORPORATION (AMEX: CLN) announced today that it has learned that its common stock has been listed on the Berlin-Bremen Stock Exchange without the Company's prior knowledge, consent or authorization.

The Company, through its counsel, has contacted the Berlin-Bremen Stock Exchange and has demanded an immediate halt to trading in Celsion's stock, as well as an immediate delisting of the stock.

Tony Deasey, Celsion's Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, said, "We did not apply for this listing. We were not consulted or contacted by anyone at the Exchange, either before or after we were listed, and we certainly did not request or consent to the listing. We have no interest in trading on the Berlin-Bremen Exchange and are disturbed by media reports that brokers have been using such listing as a mechanism for manipulating the price of U.S. stocks. Therefore, our attorneys have demanded an immediate end to trading and immediate delisting from the Exchange."