Charter of the Science and Technology Committee of the Board of Directors

The primary purpose of the Science and Technology Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in:

  • Monitoring the state of science and technology capabilities within the Company and associated risks; and
  • Overseeing the development of key technologies and major science and medicine-driven innovation initiatives essential to the long-term success of Celsion

The Science and Technology Committee's responsibilities shall include:

  • Reviewing technologies and technology programs of significance to the Company, with special focus on major external initiatives annually;
  • Observing the evolution of science and medicine outside the Company, for possible application within the Company;
  • Participating in the development of metrics to assess the state of Celsion science and technology in subject areas including, but not limited to, patent estate, freedom to operate, productivity, capability and external benchmarks.
  • Providing guidance for the Company's external science and technology alliances;
  • Providing guidance on the direction of the Company's science and technology activities, as appropriate;
  • Annually reporting to the Board; and
  • Conducting an annual performance evaluation of the Science and Technology Committee and comparing the performance of the Science and Technology Committee with the requirement of this charter.

The Science and Technology Committee shall be comprised of:

  • Not less than Two (2) members of the Board of Directors of the Company, one of whom shall be Chair. In the judgment of the Board of Directors at least one member of the Committee shall have scientific experience and one member shall have a background in medicine.
  • Not less than One (1) representative of management of the Company, who shall also serve as documentarian. In the judgement of the Board Committee members, the management member shall be an executive with experience in Company relevant science and has immediate responsibility for the Company's scientific endeavors

The Board members of the Science and Technology Committee shall be elected by the Board at the annual organizational meeting of the Board. The members of the Science and Technology Committee shall serve until their successors shall be duly elected and qualified. The management representative(s) is nominated by the CEO and attends the Committee with the consent of the members.

The Company shall provide the Science and Technology Committee with a level of funding appropriate for the Science and Technology Committee to carry out its responsibilities. Management, through its Chief Science Officer, will provide the Committee with reports, summaries, and analyses as requested, allowing the Committee to function efficiently and with relevance.

The Science and Technology Committee shall meet at least annually at a regularly scheduled meeting. The Committee may, with or without external consultants retained by the Committee and approved by the Chairman; meet in non-scheduled sessions to discuss any matters that the Board, the Committee or management believe should be considered or addressed by the Committee. Minutes will be kept and archived with the agenda, meeting materials and proceedings of the meetings.

Committee Members

Andreas Voss, MD
Andreas Voss, MD
Director Since 12/15/2015

Dr. Voss joined Celsion in 2015 and currently serves as Vice President of Clinical Affairs in Europe at Caris Life Sciences, a biotechnology company focused on implementing personalized medicine in oncology through its liquid biopsy technology. Prior to joining Caris in 2010, he was responsible for the global clinical development of Avastin® and a member of the Corporate Drug Safety Board at F. Hoffmann-La Roche. Before joining Roche in 2006, he was Medical Director for the Lung Cancer Disease Area at AstraZeneca, and from 2000 to 2003, he was the Medical Director for Anti-infectives and Oncology atBayer GmbH.  From 1996 to 2000, Dr. Voss was Head of Medical Research, Oncology at Asta Medica AG. Dr. Voss received his M.D. from the University of Hamburg Medical School and was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California at San Diego. He is board certified in internal medicine

Donald Braun, Ph.D.
Donald Braun, Ph.D.
Director Since 12/15/2015

Dr. Braun joined Celsion in 2015 and brings over 30 years of research expertise in oncology, with a focus on immunotherapy and the effectiveness and impact of chemotherapy protocols on various cancers and tumor types. Prior to his retirement in 2016 Dr. Braun served as Vice President Translational Research and Chief Science Officer at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Prior to the CTCA, he was the Scientific Director of the Cancer Center and Professor of Medicine and Immunology at Rush Medical College in Chicago, and the Administrative Director of the Cancer Institute and a Professor of Surgery with tenure at the Medical College of Ohio.  Dr. Braun has been appointed to and served on more than a dozen federal government and public advisory committees on oncology and immunology. He received his Ph.D. in Immunology and Microbiology from the University of Illinois at the Medical Center in Chicago.

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